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Play Minecraft: Java Edition on Your Mobile Device with Pou Java Launcher

So why not take a look at the different packs that are available or just download ATLauncher and give a try yourself. If you're still unsure about us, then visit our about page to get a list of features.

download pou java launcher

Download apk:

The situation seems to have relaxed a bit, the details on the malware and what it does is known (again if you're interested take a look at this GitHub repo) and we have tools available to detect if you're infected: - CurseForge Infected mods detection tool - NekoDetector Both these tools will detect for any traces of the malware on your PC or within your modded Minecraft installations (be sure to scan your entire drives, or at least your user folder and any folders where you run Minecraft from). Several platforms have come out and confirmed that they've scanned and removed all traces (if there were any) of the malware from their sites: - ATLauncher: All clear to install and use ATLauncher modpacks - CurseForge: All clear to install and use CurseForge modpacks and install and use CurseForge mods - Modrinth: All clear to install and use Modrinth modpacks and install and use Modrinth mods - Technic: All clear to install and use Technic official modpacks. Non official modpacks were not verified as they use external download sources, so if you plan on installing a third party pack from Technic, you should be cautious and scan after downloading. Make sure that you have scanned your system using the tools mentioned above before installing or playing Minecraft. ATLauncher will be investigating how we can detect for and warn against this type of attack going forward, including checking not only for this specific type of malware, but also checking for changes to your mods since downloading. Keep an eye out for more updates on that in the coming week or two. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please reach out in #malware-incident channel in our Discord.

There is currently an ongoing incident within the Minecraft modding community where malware has been found to be included in some Minecraft mods (and bukkit plugins) on CurseForge. This included being included in some modpacks. There are some smart people going through and finding out what the malware does, but at a high level it looks like it steals authentication credentials for Minecraft/Microsoft accounts that are logged into various launchers (not including ATLauncher), as well as stealing browser cookies and discord tokens as well as other things. It self replicates itself, injecting a payload into any Minecraft mods in your system so that it can spread, and that's believed to be how it got onto CurseForge, unknowingly uploaded after the devs machines were infected. Due to the fact that it can replicate itself into mods, it's highly likely that anyone who has been infected with the malware now has it injected into the mods on their system. You can check if you're infected by using the detector tools released by CurseForge here. The situation is still very much ongoing, and we'll be looking to place mitigations in place within the launcher to check for the presence of these infected mods as well as at the system level if you're infected. Will be looking to roll that out soon, again some smart people are looking into mitigations and what can be done to detect and remove the malware. While more information is still being found out, for now the recommendation is to still not download any mods from anywhere which includes CurseForge, Modrinth and from any other sources, including friends. If you have any questions or more information, please visit us in Discord in the #malware-incident channel.

Mojang have announced that on September 19th they will turn off login for unmigrated accounts. This will mean you'll no longer be able to login and play Minecraft. We will remove legacy unmigrated account login from the launcher once Mojang have confirmed to have turned the login servers off. If you still haven't migrated your account, please make sure you do so now so you don't lose access. If you're having troubles migrating or need help, take a look at Mojang's migration FAQ page.

At the request of Slowpoke on behalf of FTB team, we've had to remove FTB packs from our launcher. Pre existing instances will continue to work, but you will not be able to install new instances or update/reinstall previous ones going forward. We've been told there may be allowances in the future to allow the inclusion of some packs again, but for the moment the importing of pre existing installs from the FTB launcher have been given the okay, and we'll be working to allow that for those that wish to use it in the future.

Version introduces a new feature in the Packs tab, our new Unified Pack Home and Search. The new Search tab in the Packs tab allows you to instantly see the featured packs across all platforms supported by the launcher. This is a great place for new players to get started and find packs that modpack platforms have featured and recommend to users. Within the same tab, you can search across all modpack platforms and quickly and easily find the modpack you're looking for without having to know which platform it's on. Of course you can at any time still go to a specific platform (such as Modrinth or CurseForge) and filter and sort from there. While this feature is new, we'll be tweaking it and adding new features such as the ability to sort, filter and paginate, but for now, if you see any issues or have any feedback, please let us know in our Discord.

Minecraft just doesn't seem to get any older. Despite having been launched in 2009, it enjoys robust health in terms of users, which is boosted in good measure thanks to its being managed by Microsoft. There are currently launchers for different versions and those who use the Android version can download PojavLauncher if they want to recover previous versions of the game.

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This Java-based launcher allows users to run older versions of Minecraft, for the moment from 1.12.2 onwards, which is why it is perfect for those users who don't have the very latest phone because it is capable of functioning on phones and tablets with Android 5.0.

  • The application already has such popular modifications as Forge, Fabric, LabyMod, which make cool mods for minecraft java. It is possible to enable the display of the latest snapshots, download all released versions of Minecraft Java starting from 1.0 to the most up-to-date. A convenient application for running Minecraft Java Edition based on Android. To use PojavLauncher, you need good characteristics of a mobile device: More than 4 GB of RAM;

  • 1-2 GB of free internal memory.

  • Completely free of charge

  • User-friendly interface. Similar to the original launcher;

  • Huge functionality;

  • The ability to move buttons during the game;

  • You can log in to a local account. You don't have to log in to your Microsoft account.

The app, itch, lets you effortlessly download and run games and software from All of your downloads are kept in a single place and are automatically updated. Access your collections and purchases, or browse for new games via the in-app browser. Read more on the FAQ or Read the app guide

Not only will the games you've installed automatically update, the app itself will automatically transform as we launch new functionality and features. Games using our new command line tools will generate delta patches, ensuring that you only download what's changed when new games come out.

Finding a suitable texture for the character takes a long time sometimes. You can download HD Minecraft skins on our website without any problems. After installation, your character will be incredibly transformed in regard to appearance. The gameplay immersion will be more fun. Choose several interesting skins to try each one in turn.


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