Myrtle Beach, SC

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Ecoshield Asphalt Products is an exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion sealcoat for the Carolinas territory.   We are your one-stop shop for sealcoating products and equipment!  Pitch Black® samples are available upon request.  Contact us to see how we can get you started with Pitch Black® sealcoat! 


As the official licensor of the Pitch Black sealcoat formula, we at U.S. Seal International Inc. would like to hear about your experience with this manufacturer.  Your feedback is important to us!  We look forward to hearing from you.


U.S. Seal International Inc. is our company that manufacturers Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion sealcoat plants and leases the Pitch Black® formula to a family of Pitch Black® manufacturers.  We have strict standards our manufacturers must follow when producing Pitch Black® and the same applies to the suppliers they use.  All manufacturers must sign contracts that require them to use specific proprietary ingredients.  All of our manufacturers look to us to protect the Pitch Black® brand and in turn, their reputation.  Since Pitch Black® is nationwide, U.S. Seal International Inc. (the company that owns the Pitch Black® formula) takes its duty seriously to protect the reputation of its manufacturers, distributors, contractors and the end user.  We believe we are changing the industry one gallon of seal at a time.  Pitch Black® truly is  MADE TO LAST.

Your info will be kept private and sent only to U.S. Seal International, Inc.

U.S. Seal International Inc - Inventor of Pitch Black Sealcoat